About us

MyCol d.o.o.

MyCol d.o.o. is a women-owned start-up founded in March 2017 by researchers from the fields of materials science, chemical and graphic technology, and environmental science. The group was formed as part of research on chromogenic materials at National Institute of Chemistry, Ljubljana, Slovenia.

We aim to become a highly competitive provider of innovative solutions for the visual control of temperature and for the registration of its changes in the past. In general, our product is a smart label with temperature-sensitive chromogenic material printed in any shape that changes colour when a certain temperature is exceeded. The changes are seen with the naked eye or registered with a video camera, so no power supply or IT network is required.

The products in MyCol's portfolio are unique and offer a lot of freedom in creating design and visual messages and ensure the control of different temperatures. This enables us to help in situations where overheating beyond the prescribed temperature needs to be detected in a repeatable (reversible) or single (irreversible) way.

Advanced knowledge and new materials

MyCol transmits high-tech knowledge from materials science directly into products with high added value. Our research on thermochromic materials is among the world leaders in this field, which gives the team a strong reference and recognition.

Youth and entrepreneurship

The team consists of young, highly trained professionals with various specialisations in thermochromic materials, materials chemistry, coatings and printing technology.