MyCol uses innovative substances and processes to manufacture its products. The colour change technology is based on the so-called leuco dyes. Using them together with certain other components in a specific topology enables MyCol researchers to produce inks that irreversibly colour at specific target temperatures (activation temperature - TA) with narrow tolerances. Care is taken not to use harmful and environmentally friendly components.

Innovative inks are currently under development and progress is being made daily. Our goal is to develop inks that have a strong colour change when heated above TA, little or no fading, are well protected from water, have a good printability and meet several other requirements common to conventional inks. We hope to be able to supply the labels with the new inks in large quantities so that the price for a single label - temperature indicator will be low.

MyCol's experts develop and test the new thermochromic inks using specially designed equipment that operates over a very wide temperature range to ensure the inks achieve the desired results.

MyCol is in contact with many interested customers who express their requirements and wishes regarding the properties of the inks and thus guide the development of these inks. We hope that in the future we will be able to produce both a general type of printed thermochromic labels and customised labels that meet the specific requirements of a particular customer.

MyCol also collaborates extensively with various academic institutions, enabling the exchange of cutting-edge ideas from current materials science and new development pathways. In addition, with the help of academic institutions, MyCol researchers are expanding the number of tests and experiments by borrowing the equipment and expertise of researchers at these academic institutions.